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We are here to help you with any To-Do-List for your home and business maintenance, repairs, and preps before your painting project begins. Your home and office need continuous care all through the year to be a clean, safe, comfortable, and pleasant place for you and your family, employees, clients, and customers. We provide all required handyman services. You name it, we fix it!   Contact Us Now!

Instalation, assembly, repairs, handyman jobs

There's a solution to every problem!

Handyman repairs and maintanance

Installation & Assembly:

  • Appliances

  • Furniture

  • Weather-proofing: Doors, windowpanes

  • TV mounts, mirrors, shelves, pictures
  • Curtain rods

  • Kitchen/ bath taps and shower systems

  • Sink, vanity, toilet units

  • Light fixtures

  • Electrical plugs, outlets, dimmers, and receptacles

  • Door locks/ handles

  • Other

Electrician drywall ceiling damage repair


  • Drywall/ ceiling damages

  • Squeaky/ loose floors: Wood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, stone

  • Sealing/ caulking: Bathroom, kitchen, windows, driveway

  • Gaps/ Cracks: floors, walls, stairs, baseboards

  • Rubbing/ sagging doors

  • Cabinet doors and hinges

  • ​Fences, patios, and decks

  • Interlock sinking

  • Power washing process

  • Other tech issues

Home office maintenance installation

Quality Maintenance Jobs

We believe in Doing it Right the first time. High quality handyman service is what we offer. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction. Fix the issue when it is small. It will cost you more money and time if you wait till it becomes a serious one. Take some pictures of the issue and Contact Us Now!

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