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Paint is more than just a protection cover of your property interior and exterior. The type of paint, color, and quality job will impact how your home looks to you, your family, friends, and the neighbourhood.  


Your home may be the largest investment of your life. Does the color, sheen, and quality of the paint job of each and every room of your home really match the activities and usage of the area? Ask ProComVip experts for advice.

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Paint color and quality is the number one factor protecting your home exterior from different extreme weather conditions. Exteriors need more frequent paint job, repairs, and maintenance than the interior.

Ask ProComVip experts how.


Your office is where you spend your professional life everyday. Make it welcoming, pleasant, and unique by ProComVip high quality painting and maintenance services. 




Clients and customers continue their journey to learn about your business when they step into your workplace. From the reception area and the waiting room, to the meeting room and your own office space, the paint color, shades, and painting job quality can subconsciously make them feel welcomed, calm, relaxed, comfortable, and creative. Make your office area stand out. Contact ProComVip for expert advise.



Your office exterior is the portrait of your business. Before even stepping in, your clients or customer get the first impression of the quality of your business by the paint work of your office exterior. Does your office exterior paint color palette match the type of your business and create a positive feeling? Ask ProComVip experts for advice.

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